Nemesis II CBA 20+M for Soldier Wearables

Nemesis II CBA 20M+ is our next generation miniature circular interconnect for soldier-worn applications designed and tested for water submersion to 20+ Meters (65.6 Feet)—among the highest in the industry 

Small, lightweight and highly reliable, the Nemesis II CBA 20M+ blends high speed, high mating and quick termination to perform reliably in extreme conditions, making it ideally suited for battlefield communication devices and applications such as manpack and hand-held radios. The Nemesis II CBA enables power, signal and data in a smaller, more robust and ntegrated design package--helping warfighters reduce physical load, maintain communication and receive mission-criticalinform ation when they need it most. 

Key Features & Benefits 

  • Proprietary high pressure sealing designed and tested for water submersion to 20+ Meters (65.6 Feet)
  • ​Cannon Breakaway functionality allows soldiers to quickly disconnect and reconnect when their cables and equipment become snagged—significantly reducing risk of injury and minimizing equipment damage
  • Spring-loaded Pogo Contacts enable 10,000+ mating cycles (connecNemesis-II-CBA-20M-with-Cable-(1).pngtion/disconnection), ensuring superior durability & reliability in the field
  • Highly engineered blind mating design
  • Easily terminates to wire, PCB and flex circuits

Learn More 

  • Click here to download the Nemesis II CBA 20M+ Sell Sheet
  • Click here to visit the Nemesis II CBA 20M+ Product Page 


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