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    24308-Style, D*H

    D*H hermetically sealed connectors are designed to meet environmental conditions of extreme pressure differential. These connector are part of the of the ITT Cannon D-Subminiature series and are designed to be comparable with Mil-C-24308.Our facility is not...

    Coax Terminators

    Ease of assemblyLow costOne or Two leg optionsStandard RG 178, 196, 188, and 316 cable options

    D38999-Style Series I (KJM)

    The KJM 38999-Style Series I is an approved circular connector for use in harsh military and aerospace environments. It features high density layouts with up to 128 data connections and power contacts rated up to 23A, as well as proven bayonet coupling, 100...

    D38999-Style Series II (KJ)

    Weight-reduced and low profile circular connector ideally suited for avionic applications where space and weight are prime considerations. High density layouts with up to 128 data connections and power contacts rated up to 23A. Features proven bayonet coupl...

    D38999-Style Series III (KJA/KJB)

    Our KJA/KJB D38999-Style Series III interconnects are designed for use in harsh military and aerospace environments. They feature high density layouts with up to 128 data connections and power contacts rated up to 23A, as well as triple-start coupling with ...


    DIN standard for RF connectors used in "Road Vehicle" applications. Color coded and polarized diecast housingApplications include: CDMA cell phones, GPS, and BluetoothFive key codes for specific applications; Built in accordance with USCAR specifi...

    FOHC Fiber Optic

    ITT fiber optic contacts are a standard in the industry. We offer the most complete line of fiber optic contacts, engineered to fit today’s MIL-Spec circular, rack and panel, edgecard/LRM, and D Subminiature connectors.  

    FOMC Fiber Optic

    Hermaphroditic design means plugs will mate with an identical plug as well as receptacles. The removable insert assures correcting mating and alignment. In the Cannon FOMC, ruggedness is combined with good optical performance, rapid coupling and attractive ...

    KJAQ Hi-Speed Data 38999-Style

    A hi-reliability interconnect that is used to deliver data rates up to 2.5 Gbps, the Quadrax is available in rear release crimp pin or socket Quadrax contacts and front release PC pin Quadrax contacts. It is also available in a variety of 38999-style layout...


    NetSpliceTM offers a suite of proven, easy-to-install splices for repairing cables on military and commercial aircraft systems. This innovative, lightweight and cost-effective solution uses standard wiring tools to splice together damaged cables used in dat...

    NGCON Fiber Optic

    Fiber optic cable assemblies qualified to Navy requirements for shipboard and Airborne applications.

    PHD 38999-Style Fiber Optic Connector

    Designed to be comparable with MIL-DTL-38999 envelope dimensions including Standard polarization, Backshell Threads and Panel Cut-Out / Mounting Holes.Our facility is not currently certified by the DLA and this product is not covered by the QPL/QML.

    PHD Panel Mount Fiber Optic

    The PHD Panel Mount Connector incorporates a low profile design with a discrete keyed contact system for repeatable low loss optical performance.

    PHD SuperLC Fiber Optic

    Higher thermal environment stability/durability High temperature plastic used for housing and secondary lock. Secondary Lock prevents thermal relaxation of cantilever latch in high temperature environments.Superior mechanical and environmental stability/dur...


    SMA plugs are enviromentally sealed; Intermateable with all SMA connectors; Up to 18 GHz;  threaded coupling method;  SMB connectors have a snap on coupling, operate up to 4 GHz;  SMC connectors have a threaded coupling, operate up to 10 GHz.


    Up to 4 GHz;  threaded coupling and snap on couplings available; Operating frequencies up to 10 GHz;  small in size when compared to subminiature RF interconnects+D120

    Universal Contacts PCB Contact System

    Universal Contacts - A single piece of stamped and formed copper alloy;  3000 mating cycles;  2A max continuous;  free heights ranging from 1.3mm to 4.6mm;  pre-load forces;  low contact resistance;  solderwell feature preventi...

    Veam CIR & FRCIR

    Cost effective highly engineered industrial circular connectors ideal for exterior exposure and transportation applications. This broad series of connectors is available in 256 different layouts and with a wide range of accessories. Shell material options ...

    Veam CIR Fiber Optic

    Veam's CIR Fiber Optic connectors deliver single and dal mode fiber optic capability and meet VG95234 / MIL-DTL-5015 specification. They meet UL94 VO fire and smoke standards and are available with a wide variety of environmental plating options.

    Veam CIR M12

    Bayonet coupling circular connectors for harsh environment Ethernet communication applications. This high speed connector solution is a combination of M12 contacts mounted into Veam FRCIR connector series hardware. Supporting gigabit communication the CIR...