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    Superior environmental sealing IP68, Available in layouts of 2 and 4 contacts, Current max rating 5A, Secondary TPA lock system

    Combination D-Subminiature

    This connector system is ideal for applications that require optimization of space while improving overall shielding. Combo D accomplishes this by combining multiple interconnect types into one fully shielded product, decreasing the number of I/O interfaces...

    D*/D*M PCB & Solder D - Subminiature

    Standard density Industrial for wired, straight  and Right Angle PCB solder applications.

    D*A/ZD*A Commercial D - Subminiature

    Commercial grade Standard and High Density D-Sub connectors with crimp, solder cup, straight and right angle PCB contacts.

    D*H/DITBH Hermetic D - Subminiature

    Sealed D-Subminiature connectors, ideal for pressurized bulkhead applications, with glass sealing for maximum sealing.Our facility is not currently certified by the DLA and this product is not covered by the QPL/QML.

    D*JK/D*JT Filter D - Subminiature

    Filtered D-Subminiature connectors for power and signal applications

    D*MA D - Subminiature

    Hi-Rel D-Sub connectors built to military and space qualifications for crimp and high density PCB applications.

    D*MM/24308-Style D-Subminiature

    Standard density Industrial, Military and Space D-Subs for wired, straight  and Rt. Angle PCB solder applications.Our facility is not currently certified by the DLA and this product is not covered by the QPL/QML.

    D*NG Pressfit D-Subminiature

    Straight, standard density pressfit D-Subminiature connectors, eliminate the need for soldering to backplanes and PCB's.

    D*U Crimp D-Subminiature

    Standard density crimp D-Subminiature connectors utilizing stamped and machined contacts.

    D*W IDC Cable Mount D-Subminiature

    IDC cable terminated D-Subminiature connector allow for rapid row by row crimp terminations, speeding the assembly process.

    DL Series - Zif Connector

    The Cannon DL Series of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors fill the need in the medical commercial/industrial, computer and peripheral equipment market places for low-cost, high performance, multiple-wire power and signal connectors.  DL connectors ...


    Cannon has developed a ‘Resilient Contact’ that provides reliable performance with contact wiping action directly on a PCB pad.  A high density contact module enables a high pin count connector (136-408 contacts) and flexibility.  The ...

    Double Density D-Subminiature

    The Double Density D-Subminiature connector features double the contact density in the same standard insert area, increasing the pin count from standard 50 contacts to 100 contacts. This double contact density is achieved by using field-proven, highly relia...

    EV Charge Coupling

    Built in accordance with all regional EV Standards.  Ergonomically designed modular coupler handles.  Robust contact system with charging options rated to 75A.  Low contact resistance.  Minimum of 10k mating cycles.  Strain Relief s...

    MD*B Plastic Micro - D

    MICRO-D microminiature rack/panel connectors are used in applications requiring highly reliable, extremely small, lightweight connectors. These connectors are available in 2 insulator materials, 2 mounting variations, 7 shell sizes accommodating from 9 to 5...

    MD*B-PCB Plastic Micro - D

    MD*B-PCB connectors use standard MD*B all plastic shells and are designed for use with flex circuitry, printed circuit and multi-layer boards. They are easily mounted and soldered and provide high density/high reliability in board-to-board and boa...

    MDM CP Mixed Signal Micro - D

    MDM Coaxial: The MDM Metal Shell Connectors have been tooled in several coaxial layouts and offer the versatility of combining coaxial and signal lines in the same connector. Standard coax is RG178 white. MDM Power: The same insulator that is used with...

    MDM PCB Micro - D M83513-Style

    MDM-PCB connectors are designed for use with flex circuitry, flat cable and printed circuit boards or multi-layer boards. They use the standard MDM metal shell and provide high density and high reliability in board-to-board, board-to-cable and cab...

    MDM Wired Micro D M83513-Style

    MDM connectors are used in applications requiring highly reliable, extremely small, lightweight connectors with higher density contact configurations than available in traditional rectangular connectors. They are available in 8 shell sizes accommo...

    MDMH Hermetic Micro - D

    MDMH connectors are ideal for applications requiring a better seal than can be achieved with epoxy resins. The connector utilizes size 24 AWG contacts that are compression glass sealed through a steel shell and into a diallyl pthalate front end in...

    MEB Micro Edge Board

    The Micro Edgeboard (MEB) connector series provides a combination of high density and high reliability for applications in airborne and space systems, computers and peripherals, and industrial /commercial control systems. This series incorporates ...

    MIK Plastic Micro Circular

    MIK has a Thermoplastic shell and can accommodate up to 55 contacts on .050 (1.27) centers (equivalent to 420 contacts per square inch). Five keyway polarization prevents cross plugging. The threaded coupling nuts provide strong, reliable coupling...

    MIKM Metal Micro Circular

    MIKM has a steel shell and receptacle for improved ruggedness and RFI resistance. Accommodate up to 55 contacts on .050 (1.27) centers (equivalent to 420 contacts per square inch). Five keyway polarization prevents cross plugging. The threaded coupling...

    MIKQ Push/Pull Micro Circular

    MIKQ: A quick disconnect metal shell and receptacle version that can be instantaneously disconnected yet provides a solid lock when engaged. Applications include commercial TV cameras, portable radios, military gun sights, airborne landing sy...

    MJS Jack Screw Coupled Micro

    The MJS jackscrew series provides a reliable interconnect for board-to-board, board-to-cable and in-line cable-to-cable applications. Layouts accommodating up to 76 MICROPIN/MICROSOCKETTM contacts are available, with the same wide range of options as are of...

    MT PCB Strip Micro

    The Cannon Microstrips provide an extremely dense and reliable interconnection solution in a minimum profile package, giving great application flexibility. Available with latches or guide pins, Microstrips are frequently found in board-to-wire app...


    ITT expands its DL Family of Connectors with the Miniature QLC device to meet size, reliability, and mating requirements for Portable Medical Equipment. Similar to the DL Series connectors, the QLC connector is highly reliable, easily assembled during harne...

    QLC Solderless Plug

    The QLC solderless plug is a groundbreaking 260 pin Zero Insertion Force connector that eliminates the need for hand soldering fine pitch contacts onto printed circuit boards, significantly reducing time and cost in the assembly process. It eliminates the ...

    SLC Push Pull Plastic

    Superior environmental sealing IP68, Available in layouts of 5,8,10 and 15 contacts, Current max rating 5A, Audible and tactile feedback when mating.

    SLC-T Latching Circular Plastic

    Superior environmental sealing IP68, Available in layouts of 5, 8 and 10 contacts, Current max rating 5A, Audible and tactile feedback when mating.


    VEAM VSC is a threaded coupling multi-pin cylindrical connector for lighting applications. VEAM is well known for the quality and ruggedness of it’s popular quarter-turn lock “CIR Series” and has utilized CIR’s superior design concep...