KJ Series / 38999-Style

Cannon's KJ Series / 38999-style interconnects include Series I (KJL), II (KJ), III-Style (KJA/KJB), ARINC 801, Double Flange and high speed.

ITT Cannon 38999-Style Series I, II, III Connectors are designed to withstand the extreme shock, exposure and vibration that are commonplace in Defense and Commercial Aerospace applications. Lightweight and highly reliable, our D38999-Style connectors deliver consistency and performance when it matters most. In addition to the more common place variants, we offer customization options plus innovative double flange, high speed Quadrax and fiber optic versions.

The Cannon nomenclature for this variant of harsh environment metal circular connectors includes KJL (D38999-Style Series I), KJ (D38999-Style Series II) and KJA / KJB (D38999-Style Series III).


Application / Market:

Defense, Aerospace

  • Quick mating
  • Operate across a wide temperature range
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Multiple plating options available
  • Fiber optic and Quadrax (high speed data) variants

Series Products

OctoGig 10 Gb Ethernet Solution

An ultra-high speed, 10 Gb Ethernet interconnect solution for commercial aviation, military aircraft and marine applications, ITT Cannon...

KJL Series- D38999-Style Series I

ITT Cannon KJL 38999-Style Series I connectors offer high-density contact arrangements in a light-weight miniature circular connector...

KJ / D38999-Style Series II

Weight-reduced and low profile circular connector ideally suited for avionic applications where space and weight are prime considerations...

KJ/38999-Style Double Flange Receptacles for PCB Mounted

Cannon's 38999-Style Series III Double Flange Box Mount and Jam Nut Receptacles for PCB Mounting conveniently allow for attachment...

KJA / KJB / D38999-Style Series III

Our KJA/KJB D38999-Style Series III interconnects are designed for use in harsh military and aerospace environments. They feature high...

ARINC-Style Quadrax Termini for KJA Connectors

Cannon's KJAQ 38999-Style Circular with Quadrax Contacts is a high-reliability interconnect solution used to deliver data rates up to 2.5...

PHD 38999-Style Fiber Optic Connector

Designed to be comparable with MIL-DTL-38999 envelope dimensions including standard polarization, backshell threads and panel cut-out...

TKJ / TKJA / TKJB Filtered D38999-Style

Robust, circular connector series for noise filtering, EMI, and EMP applications. The TK series is a 38999-style / KJ connector.   

Chip-on-Flex Filter Connectors

Cannon has advanced the state-of-the-art in filter technology with its Chip-on-Flex (CoF) design. This connector technology provides a...



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