ITT Cannon is a leader in the design and manufacture of connectors & interconnect solutions.

About us

From the invention of the rack-and-panel and D-sub connectors to the latest miniaturized products, ITT Cannon provides innovative interconnect solutions to customers around the world. From our global manufacturing locations we serve a wide range of markets, including commercial aviation, defense, energy, industrial, medical, oil & gas, transportation, and space.


  1. Bold innovator and pioneer James Cannon establishes Cannon in a backyard shed in 1915.
  2. Cannons P Connectos enable the first "talkie" movie, usherig in a new age of entertainment
  3. Cannon AF plugs are used by DC-Series planes and later by all US aircraft manufacturers
  4. Cannon Answers the Call for Defense
  5. Cannon's D-Subminiature. The first multi-purpose connector, is launched.
  6. Cannon plugs are used on the moon landing.
  7. Moving Ahead at the Speed of Light ... and Sound
  8. Cannon Connectors Boot Up a Computer Revolution
  9. The 1990s to Now, Cannon Enables the “Smart” E

Quality Commitment & Compliance 

We, at ITT Cannon are committed to comply with all internal and external requirements, and continuously improve our organizational capabilities, products, processes, and services to meet customer expectations.

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At ITT, we focus on inspiring the best in our team members. By fostering a healthy, high-performing culture and by making customers central to everything we do, we’ve created an inclusive and welcoming workplace defined by innovation and the successes of our talented employees.