ITT Cannon Supplies Ultra-Fast, Liquid Cooled High Power Charging Solutions for Efacec


IRVINE, Calif.,– ITT Inc.'s (NYSE:ITT) Cannon brand announces an extended contract with Efacec Electric Mobility, a leading global provider of safe and clean energy solutions for the electric mobility market. Efacec has been a longstanding partner of ITT Cannon, and will now use its High-Power Charging (HPC) solution, comprised of a connector, cable and cooling unit, to power highway-based EV charging stations across the United States and Europe.

"As greater adoption of electric vehicles accelerates, so does the need for fast, efficient and easy-to-use charging solutions. We needed a connector and cable solution flexible and lightweight enough for anyone to use, with outstanding heat dissipation that leads to minimal temperature increase," said Pedro Silva, managing director of Efacec Electric Mobility. "We chose ITT Cannon's HPC solution because of its superior ergonomic design and performance."

ITT Cannon is a pioneer in high power charging and has remained at the forefront of speed, power and user experience. The DC liquid-cooled HPC solution enables charging up to 20 miles of range per minute of charge at 350kW, which is seven times faster than today's 50kW DC chargers. As part of the extended collaboration, ITT Cannon and Efacec are currently testing a 500kW solution, further pushing the limits of speed and innovation.

The groundbreaking design concept on the DC liquid-cooled HPC solution utilizes a dielectric cooling liquid that runs from the cable throughout the connector's contact system resulting in outstanding heat dissipation performance. The dielectric fluid is extremely safe with minimal environmental impact, and the weight-optimized cable design and minimized cable diameter make it ergonomic, light and easy to use. ITT Cannon's DC liquid-cooled HPC solution is available in CCS1 and CCS2 variants for North American and European markets respectively.
"At ITT Cannon, we take pride in being the go-to provider for high power charging solutions that are easy to use and get people back on the road quickly," said Anh Phan, vice president, global sales & marketing, ITT Connect and Control Technologies. "We're thrilled to partner with Efacec to make ultra-fast charging accessible to the growing number of EV drivers."
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