ITT to Showcase Innovative Defense Solutions at AUSA 2022 to Protect the Future Soldier and Withstan


  • A robust and comprehensive product portfolio including connector, motion control, and suspension components supports all military platforms from ground vehicles to aerospace to the connected soldier
  • Innovative and durable technologies from ITT's Cannon, Enidine, and KONI product lines withstand extreme conditions to enhance soldier safety and provide the U.S. military with custom-engineered defense solutions

STAMFORD, CONN., September 28, 2022 – ITT. Inc. (NYSE: ITT), a global leader in military land, air, sea, and space defense technologies, will showcase its innovative range of new and established military products at the 2022 Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington D.C. from October 10 through October 12. ITT will present products designed to withstand the harshest environment applications from Cannon, Enidine and KONI in booth #3333.

"ITT's focus on providing ruggedized, highly engineered machinery for the future soldier aligns with the theme of this year's AUSA show, ‘Building the Army of 2030,'" said Art Dunn, Vice President and General Manager of North America, ITT Cannon. "Our enduring commitment to product innovation and advancement comes from a critical need to protect military personnel and equipment from a wide range of evolving safety threats. We look forward to showcasing these mission-critical technologies in D.C. for successful land, air, sea, and space applications."  

ITT, Inc. will display a comprehensive product portfolio including a variety of advanced, highly engineered connector, motion control, and suspension equipment. The product portfolio, including new and existing technology, works to enhance soldier safety and decrease the risk of injury or damage to vital equipment and machinery in military environments.

ITT Cannon
Cannon designs and manufactures harsh-environment connectors, providing mission critical power, data, and signal on applications ranging from technology for the connected soldier, military aircraft, missile systems, and military ground vehicles. Cannon's products offer durable and reliable data transmissions in mission critical situations.

At the 2022 show, Cannon will showcase critical miniaturized products to the defense market, including:

  • The HDx™ Series ‒ Cannon's newest innovation ‒ a high density, small form factor connector mechanism that enables frontline troops to share voice, data and imagery in real-time in any environment, including water submersion sealing up to 20 meters.
  • MKJ Series – a robust, miniaturized series of connectors with several coupling options providing flexible mating capabilities suitable for all military applications.
  • Cannon's high-speed fiber optic termini: integrated into Cannon's robust circular and rectangular product series, the fiber optic termini combine with complex cable harnesses to provide full end-to-end integrated solutions.

ITT Enidine 
Enidine designs and manufactures shock and vibration isolation components to maximize the safety of soldiers and prevent equipment damage. At the show, Enidine will highlight its military applications including elastomers and wire rope isolators, as well as various shock absorption products.

Featured products include:

  • HERM (High Energy Rope Mount): Created for NAVY cabinet isolation and rafted deck systems, HERM reduces shock inputs and isolates vibrations to protect radar systems, weapons, and vehicles.
  • SIDAS (Shock Isolator Double Acting Spring): Designed to utilize a pre-loaded spring and hydraulic damper technologies, SIDAS minimizes the impact of shock forces in near miss-hit situations and protect electronics equipment from damage.
  • DAMSI (Double Acting Mechanical Shock Isolator), a mechanical shock and friction spring damping product that isolates heavy loads and weaponry against shipboard shock inputs and near miss situations. In addition, the mechanical design of the DAMSI eliminates the possibility of seal failures or leakage, effectively doubling the service life of the unit.

KONI is a trusted provider of customized shock absorbers and struts for military vehicles to enhance safety during high speeds and off-road travel. At AUSA 2022, the company will showcase its Hydroride® suspension product, an affordable solution that utilizes high performance damping with high pressure nitrogen springs to provide better ride and handling for military vehicles navigating rugged terrain.

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