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With rapid changes in today’s digital battlefield, the newest, integrated systems mean the connected soldier needs seamless, real-time voice, data and imagery, such as video, as part of agile networks linking mission critical systems - whether on land, air and sea.

This interoperability requires advanced systems and technologies that help transform how soldiers listen, see, think and act.

Modern tactical radios, cutting-edge helmets, smart weapons and integrated tactical vests are just a few systems that provide high-quality bi-directional links for video, data and voice, supported by multiple options for plug-and-play connectivity.

Reliable connectors, under any conditions

So, what does this mean for connector requirements? System developers require ultra-reliable, high-density integrated systems with watertight sealing from a robust miniaturized connector.

 HDx Connectors

The new ITT Cannon HDx™ Series does just that by providing connected soldier capability in several distinct ways:

  • Ultra-high-density layout: The trend towards miniaturization has focused efforts to optimize the internal packaging, with the refinement of contacts, pitch spacing and pin counts to increase density without any negative impacts such as leakage or arcing. In addition to these design elements, the HDx™ features an extremely shallow interface that doesn’t protrude into the electronics box. This feature allows the system designer greater flexibility around sizing for the circuit card and associated componentry.

  • Power, signal and data configurations: The HDx™ Series contact system supports a wide range of high-speed video, data and voice protocols. These include USB® 3.1 Gen1 up to 5Gbit/s; Ethernet up to 10Gbit/s; and HDMI® up to 8.16Gbit/s, while providing application flexibility for transmission of power, signal and data to support the connected soldier.

  • Watertight sealing up to 20-meter depth: Advanced materials and non-reflective Ruthenium plating mean the HDx™ Series is rated at up to 20-meter sealing depth when mated. To eliminate any ingress, the connectors have undergone rigorous thermal, humidity, shock and vibration testing. High-grade epoxy resins help deliver airtight sealing, with custom over-moulds and cabling options providing additional protection and system integration.

  • Lightweight, compact design: HDx™ compact design reduces componentry, with no degradation to electrical or environmental performance. Advanced materials, including high-grade aluminium and ultra-thin but wear-resistant non-reflective Ruthenium plating, was deployed, resulting in a lightweight connector with an extremely small form factor.

  • High durability: Breakaway and threaded coupling options along with in-depth materials engineering analysis and refinement of mechanical aspects, such as spring loading to give the optimum connection, provide mating cycle durability of 5000+ cycles. This ensures secure connectivity, no matter the harshness of the battlefield environment.

Ultimately, the HDx™ Series ticks all the boxes for the military system designers looking for a compact, lightweight, and ultra-reliable connection in any environment. This type of multi-dimensional capability that will enhance the digital battlespace and support the development of the connected soldier systems of tomorrow.

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