Quality & Certifications

Our Quality Commitment 

We, at ITT Cannon are committed to comply with all internal and external requirements, and continuously improve our organizational capabilities, products, processes, and services to meet customer expectations.



  • Understand all requirements and develop simple and clear methods of compliance. 
  • Follow all internal procedures. 
  • Escalate when you observe any form of noncompliance. 
  • Deploy effective corrective actions to fix the situation that resulted in the noncompliance. 




  • We are committed to meeting customer expectations. 
  • Customers include internal and external customers as well as regulatory agencies. 
  • Understand all customer requirements, expectations, and Critical to Quality (CTQs). 


Continuous Improvement 


We will lead the change. We will adapt. We will continually improve to meet business and quality objectives in order to meet customer expectations using: 


  • VBLSS (Value Based Lean Six Sigma)
  • Market trends 
  • Understanding customer needs 
  • Developing efficient compliance methods 
  • Adapting to evolving technology and automation 
  • Investing in and empowering people



ISO 9001                 AS9100 Rev D                         ISO13485 Rev.2016                 ISO/TS22163


SOSA         CHARIN           AUSA          SAE        ECIA        NetComponents

Facility Certifications 

Facility Policies