Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

When it comes to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones used for commercial or in defense applications, finding the right electrical connectors is crucial to avoid any potential in-flight problems. ITT Cannon’s standard off-the-shelf connectors and customized interconnects deliver the highest degree of performance and reliability in UAVs. Our robust connectors provide reliable electrical connections between the various sections of UAVs, including avionics, surveillance cameras, propulsion, and power system (conversion, supply, and energy storage modules). 

ITT Cannon interconnects are ultra-lightweight and compact, allowing manufacturers to minimize the overall weight and size of their UAVs for more efficient propulsion. Our connectors are highly engineered for excellent resistance to harsh environmental conditions. 

Our ultra-rugged interconnects enable navigation/control and communications between UAVs and ground control systems in severe service environments and critical situations such as rough landings and heavy vibration.

  • Reliably shielded interconnects against electromagnetic pulse, radio frequency interference, lightning and electrostatic discharge in challenging, signal-dense environment
  • Standard, high density, double density versions available
  • Highly reliable twist pin concept allows for continuity in extremely dense areas & under severe shock and vibration
  • Reliable protection against high temperatures, emergency fire retardant conditions, moisture, atmospheric changes



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