CA Bayonet Connectors (VG95234)

ITT Cannon's CA Bayonet connectors are known for their versatility and reliability, featuring a "reverse bayonet" coupling design. They are designed to VG95234 spec, making them ideal for a wide range of harsh environment applications. The series is available in various RoHS compliant plating options. With rapid mating and unmating through a positive quarter-turn bayonet locking mechanism, they offer exceptional vibration protection. Additionally, they boast IP67/68/69k environmental resistance, shock and vibration proofing, and solvent resistance as per VG95234 testing determinations. With approximately 140 contact arrangement options, these connectors provide extensive versatility for different requirements.


  • Rapid mating and unmating by a positive quarter turn bayonet locking mechanism
  • IP67/68/69k environmental resistance
  • Shock and vibration proof. Solvent resistant (as per VG 95234 testing determinations)
  • Extensive variety of contact arrangements (approx. 180 layouts)

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CA Bayonet Sell Sheet


CA Bayonet / VG95234 Catalog


Military Ground Vehicle Sell Sheet


Plating Selection Guide


Tin Zinc J Plating Sell Sheet


CA Bayonet Assembly & Wiring Instruction Guide


CA Bayonet IP69K Assembly & Wiring Instructions Guide

CA Bayonet Connector Series Video

Reverse bayonet interconnect qualified to VG specification that provides exceptional shock and vibration resistance.

Product Specification


Shell Aluminum Alloy
Shell Plating Cadmium (olive), RoHS Electroless Nickel, RoHS Zinc Cobalt (black), Zinc Cobalt (green), RoHS Zinc Nickel (blue, 500h salt spray)
Insulator Polychloroprene
Contact Material: Copper Alloy; Finish: Gold, Silver
Contact Plating Gold, Silver


Sealing Environmental
Operation Temperature

-55°C to +125°C


Operating Voltage

50 VAC / 75VDC

Current Rating

Up to 245Amps

Number of Signal Contacts (Min/Max)

2 to 65

Gauge Wire Size

0-26 AWG


Industry / Mil-Spec # VG95234
Shape Circular
Shell Style Wall Mount Receptacle, Cable Connecting Receptacle, Shielded Receptacle, Box Mount Receptacle, Straight Plug shielded VG & banding style, Jam Nut Receptacle, 90° Angle Plug, Thru-bulkhead Receptacle
Durability 500 Mating Cycles
Power & Signal In Same Layout Yes
Contact Style / Termination Crimp, Solder, PCB