ITT Cannon's Banding Adapters


Ultra-reliable Backshell Banding Adapters for CA Bayonet (VG95234) and KPSE (VG95328), KPT & KPTC* Circular Metal Series

ITT Cannon completes its standard shielding backshell offering with a one-piece “military-grade” backshell with integrated banding area for use with shrink tubes in military and commercial applications. The solution allows for fast assembly and process control using market-established manual and semi-automatic banding tooling for metal bands.


• Cost effective assembly
• Secure tension lock connection
• Process control with locking force-controlled tools
• Assembly process and respective tooling are market standard
• Full range of connector sizes and range of cable outlets covered
• Available in all standard ITT plating options: A34, A232, A233, A240, Cadmium

Download the sell sheet to learn more.

*European-manufactured KP Connector Series KPSE, KPT and KPTC

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