MKJ Clip Lock Miniature Circular Connector

Small, lightweight and competitively priced, our MKJ Clip Lock offers a highly reliable interconnect solution for a wide range of markets & applications

Today’s aerospace and defense contractors are increasingly challenged to meet the ongoing demand for lighter, high reliability interconnects for a wide range of applications--from commercial aircraft avionics and cabin systems, to missiles and ordnance used by our modern military. The MKJ Clip Lock fulfills a need for reliable, cost-efficient mini-circular connectors that deliver the highest level of performance, no matter the conditions or environment.

Key Features & Benefits 

  • Easy-to-use and install with quick connect clip lock feature 
  • Positive latch or breakaway options ITT-Cannon-MKJ-Clip-Lock.jpg
  • Multiple keying options prevent miss-mating with 6 clocking positions
  • High density size 23 machine contacts 
  • Available in 4, 6, 7 and 10 positions 
  • Fully machined aluminum shells 
  • Field repairable
  • Available for soldier-worn systems in a Cannon breakaway design option

Markets & Applications

  • Commercial Aerospace - Avionics & Cabin Systems
  • Defense  - Missile Systems & Munitions
  • Military - Soldier-Warn Communications & Devices
  • Medical - Patient Diagnostic & Monitoring Equipment

Discover How the MKJ Clip Lock Can Benefit Your Next Program   

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MKJ-Clip-Lock-Mini-Circular-300x143.jpg          MKJ-Clip-Lock-with-Contacts-300x144-(1).jpg


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