MKJ Mini-Circular Connectors & Cable Solutions

Cannon MKJ Series Connectors Offer High Performance Data, Power & Signal in Lightweight, Space-Saving Design

Cannon MJK Series Connectors


Cannon’s MKJ Miniature Circular Connectors enable high-speed data, power and signal transmission in a wide range of technology-driven applications and platforms. At less than half the size and weight of standard military-grade interconnects, MKJ offers highly engineered design, performance and reliability, but in a much smaller design package. Our MKJ Connector Series also comes with rear accessory threads or integral band platform for direct attachment of cable shield and overmold. Choose from five different MKJ connectors in a variety of coupling options: UN Thread, Double Start, Triple Start, Bayonet and Cannon Breakaway. 

Cannon MKJ5 vs Standard Military Connector

Key Markets & Applications 

  • Soldier-Worn - Hand-held radios, GPS devices
  • Military Aviation - Shock & vibration, EMI prevention
  • Commercial Aviation - Cabin systems
  • Medical - Patient Diagnostic Equipment​
  • Industrial - Heavy Equipment 

Key Features & Benefits 

  • 71% weight and 52% size reduction without the loss of reliability*
  • Available with rear-release crimp, PC tail or solder cup contacts
  • Fully intermateable with other miniature circular connectors on the market
  • Field repairable & maintainable, allowing for quick fixes, cleaning and reconnections
  • Shells and jam nuts in aluminum alloy or corrosion-resistant stainless steel (AMS-QQ-S 763)
  • Up to 2,000 mating cycles, providing excellent durability with  sustainable plating construction materials
  • Environmentally sealed with fluorosilicone for the front interfacial seal & rear wire sealing grommet
  • Custom cable solutions including overmolds for military requirements in harsh environments 
Cannon MKJ4 Breakaway with Cable Assembly

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MKJ Connector Solutions Downloads  

*Compared to 38999 layouts with size 22 contacts​


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