Nemesis II CBA 20M+ for Soldier Modernization

Nemesis II CBA Watertight Protection IP68 (20+ Meters) is an innovative, next generation miniature circular interconnect for soldier-worn applications. It is designed and tested for water submersion to 20+ Meters (65.6 Feet)—among the highest in the industry. 

Small, lightweight and highly reliable, the Nemesis II CBA 20M+ blends high speed, high mating and quick termination to perform in extreme conditions and harsh environments, making it ideally suited for battlefield communication devices and applications such as manpack and hand-held radios, among others. Our Nemesis II CBA 20M+ enables power, signal and data in a smaller, more robust and integrated design package, helping warfighters reduce physical load, maintain communication and receive mission-critical information when they need it most. 

Nemesis II CBA 20 Meter Water Submersible Connector
Key Features & Benefits 

  • Proprietary high pressure sealing designed and tested for Watertight Protection IP68 (20+ Meters) 
  • ​Cannon Breakaway functionality allows soldiers to quickly disconnect and reconnect when their cables and equipment become snagged—significantly reducing risk of injury and minimizing equipment damage
  • Spring-loaded Pogo Contacts enable high mating cycles (connecNemesis II CBA 20 Meter Water Submersible Connectortion/disconnection), ensuring superior durability & reliability in the field
  • Highly engineered, blind mating design
  • Easily terminates to wire, PCB and flex circuits

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