High Speed. High Performance. Huge Impact.

Multi-Signal Quadrax Contact Systems for High-Speed Data 

Cannon Quadrax is high-reliability, multi-signal contact system that is used to deliver high-speed data transfer rates up to 2.5 gigabits per second (Gbps). It is available in a wide range of our most popular aerospace connectors including ARINC 600, 38999-Style Circular & custom-designed solutions. The Quadrax Contact is designed as a Size 8 contact assembly installed in a clocked Size 8 contact cavity insert and contains four (4) matched impedance signal contacts within a shielded Size 8 body. High-speed data is transmitted through the signal contacts, which are terminated to signal wires within a shielded Quadrax cable. The outer shield of the cable is terminated to the contact outer body to assure the signal contacts are shielded from outside noise. The orientation and design of the contacts minimize cross talk and attenuation, which helps maximize data rates through the contact system

Key Features & Benefits 

  • High Speed - Data transfer rates up to 2.5 GbpsCannon Quadrax Multi-Signal Contact System
  • High Performance Designed for Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel-150 Ohm and Ethernet 100 Base-T-100 Ohm
  • Huge Impact  - Exceptional EMI compatibility, maximum data transfer rates & lower power consumption 

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