Rock-in-Lock for Soldier-Worn Applications

With advanced design and quick connect mechanism, our NEW Rock-in-Lock interconnect solution improves power & data transfer when it matters most

Cannon's Rock-in-LockTM (RIL) Latching System is a small receptacle connector about the size of a flash drive that can be worn on a soldier's helmet, or attached to field-use computers, tablets and communication units. It is capable of transferring a significant amount of power and data needed to operate everything from augmented reality goggles to tactical combat radios. It is designed as a single-handed connector that allows the user to blindly install the mating interface, without the need for a special mechanism like a thumbscrew, latch or coupling tool. RIL is a push-and-plug connector that is the true definition of a quick connect.

​​Key Features & Benefits
  • Advanced design & engineering allows user to blindly install the mating interface without the need for special tools
  • Fast coupling and uncoupling Cannon Rock-in-Lock Latching Connector for Soldier-Worn Solutions
  • Low profile & lightweight 
  • Water submersible up to 2 Meters
  • Capable of transferring a signifcant amount of power & data
  • Ideally suited for soldier-worn systems and field-use equipment including computers and tablets, augmented reality goggles and tactical combat radios

​Key Markets & Applications

  • Defense - Tracking & Reporting, Battery Power & Charging
  • Soldier-Worn Solutions - 3-D Imaging, Night Vision, Radios, Headsets, Tablets
  • First Responders - Communications, Situational Awareness, GPS

Learn More 

  • Click here  to visit the Rock-in-Lock (RIL) Product Page
  • ​Download the Rock-in-Lock Sell Sheet with product details and how-to-order information

Cannon Rock-in-Lock Connector in Field Training


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