Fiber Optic

End-to-end, custom fiber optic solutions

ITT Cannon offers a wide range of custom, end-to-end fiber optic termini, connector savers, connectors, and integrated cable assemblies. From aircraft cockpits to pylons on military helicopters and transported applications, our in-house capabilities allow us to design and manufacture complex systems including single-mode and multi-mode systems, ferrule assemblies and tuned or un-tuned termini.

With full integration into our miniature and military-grade interconnects, our M29504, D38999, M28876, Jewel, NGCON, space-grade, PHD and ARINC termini reduced insertion loss and channel-to-channel variance.

Application / Market:

Defense, Rail, Aerospace, Medical

  • COTS termini, connectors and complex cable assemblies
  • Flex circuits with simplex termini and MT/MPO connections
  • Expanded beam ball and grin lenses
  • Expanded connector life with connector saver termini


Series Products

Fiber Optic JSFC17 and JSFC18 Termini

ITT Cannon expands its wide range of highly-engineered fiber optic termini with the qualification of JSFC17 optical sockets and JSFC18...

FOMC Fiber Optics

Hermaphroditic design means plugs will mate with an identical plug as well as receptacles. The removable insert assures correcting mating...

Fiber Optic Termini

ITT Cannon delivers high quality, high performance fiber optic termini and cable assemblies, for the Automotive, Commercial Aircraft...

Tight Tolerance Fiber Optic 38999 Series III - KJAF Series

Extend the service life of connectors, contacts and cable harnesses that are subject to extreme use and repetitive mating and de-mating...

FOHC Fiber Optic

ITT fiber optic contacts are a standard in the industry. We offer the most complete line of fiber optic contacts, engineered to fit today...

NGCON Fiber Optic

Fiber optic cable assemblies qualified to Navy requirements for shipboard and Airborne applications.

PHD Panel Mount Fiber Optic

Cannon's PHD Panel Mount is a high density rectangular interconnect solution that incorporates a low profile design with a discrete keyed...

PHD SuperLC Fiber Optic

Cannon's PHD SuperLC Fiber Optic is a harsh environment, small form-factor connector system. It provides a higher thermal environment and...

Connector Saver for Tight Tolerance 38999 Series III Fiber Optic Connectors - SVR

Extend the service life of connectors, contacts and cable harnesses that are subject to extreme use and repetitive mating and de-mating...

ARC 38999-Style with ARINC 801-Compatible Inserts

ITT Cannon’s ARINC 801-Compatible Fiber Optic Series is an end-to-end solution featuring Connectors, Termini and Cable Harnesses that...



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Commercial Aviation Applications

Commercial Aviation Applications