FOMC Fiber Optics

Hermaphroditic design means plugs will mate with an identical plug as well as receptacles. The removable insert assures correcting mating and alignment. In the Cannon FOMC, ruggedness is combined with good optical performance, rapid coupling and attractive pricing.



  • Removable insert for easy access of termini end-face
  • Compatible with Single-mode and Multi-mode fiber
  • Hermaphroditic layouts (Plug to Plug mating)
  • Robust Design with proven performance and reliability in harsh environments

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Fiber Optics Design Guide

Product Specification


Shell Style Cable plug, jam receptacle, square flange receptacle
Durability 500 mating cycles
Power & Signal In Same Layout Yes
Contact Style / Termination Optical, Crimp Electrical Contacts


Shell Aluminum alloy
Insulator Thermoplastic
Contact Optical Size 16
Contact Plating Gold for electrical


Operating Voltage 750 VAC
Current Rating 7.5 A
Number of Signal Contacts (Min/Max) 2 to 37 fiber channels
Gauge Wire Size Buffered simplex and muti-channel


Sealing Environmental
Operation Temperature -65°C to +200°C