We Connect Military Ground Vehicles
with Extreme Shock & Vibration Prevention

Military ground vehicles require rigorous interconnects that withstand severe shock, vibration, heat, moisture and dirt exposure. ITT Cannon’s extensive line of harsh environment connectors for military applications has been designed with these needs in mind. Our CA Bayonet (VG95234) for military ground vehicles features a reverse bayonet coupling design that enables quick and simple mating and un-mating while delivering exceptional shock and vibration protection, and our KPT/KPSE Series I (VG95328) miniature circular connectors improve performance and intermateability. At ITT Cannon, our robust interconnect solutions are engineered for durability and reliability, no matter the conditions or environment.Military land vehicles require rigorous interconnects that withstand severe shock and vibration as well as heat, moisture, and dirt exposure.  Our extensive line of circular and rectangular connectors have been designed to address the specific needs of the military vehicle industry.

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We connect the future soldier.

We connect the future soldier
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