Handheld Devices

ITT Cannon offers standard off-the-shelf connectors and customized interconnect solutions for electronic handheld device manufacturers.

Smart Phones

Ideal for smart phones our Universal Contact (UC) has performed flawlessly on millions of smartphone devices, accessories and tablets for many years.  UC features high reliability with anti-lift features and extremely low contact resistance.  UC has been designed into smartphone applications such as antenna module pick-ups, board-to-board or board-to-components, speakers and sensors, all requiring low contact resistance.
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Digital Lifestyles

Our Universal Contact (UC) is the ideal solution for digital lifestyle devices where printed circuit board space is very limited.  UC is a small form factor contact.  It’s proven to be a high quality, reliable solution for numerous digital devices plus  a cost-effective product that is easy to install by industry standard pick and place equipment.
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The Universal Contact (UC)  is the perfect solution for medical devices where the highest level of quality and reliability are mandatory.  UC is especially suited for portable and electronic handheld medical devices, it is the ultimate dry circuit contact for medical environments.
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The quality, reliability and high hertz force of our Universal Contact (UC) make it idea for other electronic handheld applications, including: commercial beauty products, security devices, smoke detectors, white goods etc.
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Universal Contacts

ITT Cannon's Universal Contacts
The ultimate contact for handheld devices - outstanding life cycle, shock and vibration performance
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