Diagnostic Applications

Digital Radiography & X-Ray

Our full line of miniaturized connector solutions offer the performance, features and compact size required by today’s digital radiography and x-ray manufacturers.  We have decades of experience designing and manufacturing fine pitch assemblies for your equipment and applications.


ITT Cannon offers both standard off-the-shelf and customized solutions for endoscope manufacturers.  These connectors and interconnect systems are ideal for endoscope equipment used for surgical and diagnostic purposes.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

ITT Cannon’s standard and modular inserts are configured to provide solutions for the complex needs of today’s magnetic resonance imaging equipment.  These connectors perform exceptionally well on equipment where there is a mix of electronic signals, assuring that there is no magnetic field distortion so that image quality is at its highest.

Application specific connectors for the medical market

Medical connector video
Need application specific connectors for your medical device? See how ITT Cannon can help you bring your innovation to the medical market.
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