Micro Series

From 200C high temperature to our robust MIL-DTL-83513 series, ITT Cannon offers a full range of cable and PC board-level MDM Micros connectors.

Offering one of the broadest selections of standard and custom Microminiature products available, our versatile portfolio of Micro connectors includes a wide range of shell styles and configurations including rectangular, circular, quick disconnect, high speed signal, filter, hermetic, mixed signal packages and strip-style.

Each one features our Cannon-engineered Micro Twist Pin Contact System for maximum performance, as well as unique mechanical engagement and locking mechanisms to ensure reliability in the harshest environments.

Ideally suited for markets and applications that require extremely small, lightweight and reliable interconnects, our Microminiature Connectors feature higher density contact configurations than traditional rectangular solutions—without sacrificing quality or performance.

Application / Market:

Defense, Aerospace, Industrial

  • Ultrasmall, lightweight & high-performance form factor
  • Available in 8 shell sizes that accommodate from 9 to 100 contacts, plus special power and coaxial contact arrangements
  • Exceptional bandwidth performance
  • Durability to withstand high shock and vibration
  • Unique mechanical engagement & locking mechanisms
  • Custom & turnkey cable assemblies
  • RoHS compliant part numbers & plating options

Series Products

MDM C/P Mixed Signal Micro

Cannon offers three options of our MCP Coaxial/Power Mixed Signal Microminiature Connector:MDM Coaxial: The MDM Metal Shell Connectors...

Ultra-High Temperature Micro-MDM

Cannon’s Ultra-High Temp Micro-MDM F300 Series offers exceptional reliability and performance in a lightweight, space-saving design. It...

TMDM Filtered Micro-D

Our TMDM Filterted Microminiature Connectors feature transverse monolith filters for noise reduction and EMI, RFI and EMP shielding...

TD1 Filtered D - Subminiature

Filtered D-Sub connectors for noise filtering, EMI, and EMP applications. Our facility is not currently certified by the DLA and this...

MT PCB Strip-Style Micro

Cannon's MT PCB Strip-Style Micro Connectors (Microstrips) provide an extremely dense and reliable interconnection solution in a minimum...

MIL-DTL-83513 Series Micro-D Connectors

Cannon MIL-DTL-83513 Series Micro-D interconnects and cable assemblies are ideally suited for applications requiring extremely small...

MIKQ Push/Pull Micro Circular

Cannon's MIKQ Push/Pull Microminiature Circular Connector features a quick disconnect metal shell and receptacle version that can be...

MIKM Micro Circular

Cannon's MIKM Microminiature Circular Connector is designed with a steel shell and receptacle for improved ruggedness and RFI resistance....

MIK Micro Circular

Our MIK Microminiature Circular Connector is designed to accommodate up to 55 contacts on .050 (1.27) centers (equivalent to 420 contacts...

MEB Micro Edgeboard

Our MEB Microminiature Edgeboard Connector series offers a combination of high density and high reliability for applications in aerospace...

MDM-PCB Micro-D (MIL-DTL-83513)

Cannon's MDM PCB Micro-D Connectors are designed to MIL-DTL-83513 specifications and engineered for use with flex circuitry, flat cable...

MDMH Hermetic Micro-D

Our MDMH Microminiature Connectors are ideal for applications that require more robust sealing than can be achieved with epoxy resins...

MD* Plastic Micro-D

Cannon's MD* Plastic Micro-D Connectors feature space & weight-saving designs that are ideally suited for Aerospace, Military...

MD* PCB Plastic Micro-D

Our MD* PCB Microminiature Connectors are designed with standard, all-plastic shells for use with flex circuitry, printed circuit and...

Micro Plastic Connectors with Jack Screw Coupling - MJS Series

The MJS jackscrew series provides a reliable interconnect for board-to-board, board-to-cable and in-line cable-to-cable applications...

Micro MDM / MDLM - 200°C High-Temperature

Cannon’s F222 High Temp Micro – MDM / MLDM Series offers exceptional reliability and performance in a lightweight, space-saving design...



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Commercial Aviation Applications

Commercial Aviation Applications