MKJ1 Double Start Coupling


Cannon’s MKJ1 Double Start offers threaded coupling features and high density size 23 machined crimp and PCB contacts. MKJ1 also comes in an vibration resistant, dual flange mount layout for secure, secondary PCB mounting. Part of the MKJ Series of Miniature Circular Connectors, it is up to 52% smaller and 71% lighter than standard military-grade connectors and offers highly engineered design, performance and reliability, but in lightweight, space-saving design.


  • Extreme vibtration resistance with double start, threaded coupling
  • Optional Dual Flange Mount - Jam Nut Receptacle for rear panel mounting
  • Contact sizes including 23, 20HD, 16, 12 and 8
  • Combo contact arrangements available. 
  • Prevent miss-mating with 4 Clocking Position
  • Full range of plating options including RoHS compliant plating
  • Ideal for Direct attachment of Cable Shield or Over-molding

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MKJ1 Threaded Coupling, Dual Flange Mount


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Product Specification


Operating Voltage 500 VAC-Size 23 Contacts; 1800 VAC-Size 20 Contacts; 1800 VAC-Size 16 Contacts; 1800 VAC-Size 12 Contacts
Current Rating 5 Amp- Size 23 Contact; 7.5 Amp-Size 20 Contact; 13 Amp-Size 16 Contact; 23 Amp-Size 12 Contact
Number of Signal Contacts (Min/Max) N/A
Gauge Wire Size #22-28 AWG-Size 23 Contacts; #20-#24 AWG-Size 20 Contacts; #16-#20 AWG-Size 16 Contacts; #12-#14 AWG-Size 12 Contacts


Sealing Environmental
Operation Temperature -55°C to +150°C


Shape Circular
Shell Style Jam nut, PCB mount, Wall mount
Durability >500 Mating Cycles
Power & Signal In Same Layout No
Contact Style / Termination Crimp, Solder, Printed Circuit


Shell Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel
Shell Plating Aluminum/Anodized (Black), Aluminum/Electroless Nickel, Aluminum/OD Cad, SS/Passivated, Aluminum/Zinc Nickel, Black Aluminum Teflon Nickel
Insulator MKJ0, MKJ4-Thermoplastic; MKJ1,MKJ3 -Thermostatic
Contact Copper alloy, gold over nickel plating
Contact Plating Gold, Nickel