Small form factor high-density interconnects for high reliability in harsh environment applications.

This innovative family of harsh environment Nano Microminiature Connectors delivers high density signals in an ultra small profile design package across multiple markets and applications. They are available in multiple configurations including 9 to 51 contact positions and PCB versions.

This series also provides a robust shock and vibration capable solution. Its unique knurled jackscrew assemblies allow for easier mating and de-mating, which is essential for small form factor connectors. Both our NDD and NDS Series can be rated up to 200°C.

Application / Market:

Defense, Aerospace, Industrial

  • Micro Twist Pin Contact System
  • Ultra low profile design
  • 0.025 Contact Spacing and 5 points of electrical contact
  • 9 to 51 Contact Positions and PCB versions
  • Knurled Jack Screw Assembly Hardware



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