NetSplice for High-Speed Cabling Splicing

ITT Cannon’s NetSplice Series offers an easy-to-install splicing kit for repairing high-speed data cables on military and commercial aircraft system. This innovative, lightweight and cost-effective solution uses standard wiring tools to splice together damage cables with size 8 Quadrax, Twinax (standard or concentric), or Coax contacts. NetSplice is designed for ease of use, with a simple one-piece body housing, termini, wire-sealing boots, wire strip gauge tool and insert/extraction tooling that helps end users easily repair damaged cables in the field.


  • Size 8 Contact Configurations – Quadrax, Twinax, Twinax (Concentric) and Coax
  • Compact design package measuring only 3.2” long and 0.535” diameter for all applications
  • Random Vibration: Per EIA-364-28 condition V Per 39029/119 and /120
  • Wire Size Range: 24 – 26 AWG, M17/176-00002 and RG-174, 179, 316
  • Uses standard Size 22 and 24 crimp

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Product Specification


Shell Splice Body - High grade thermoplastic
Insulator --
Contact Size 8 Quadrax, Twinax, Twinax Concentric, Coax
Contact Plating Copper alloy, gold plated


Shape Circular
Shell Style Boot
Power & Signal In Same Layout RF & Data
Contact Style / Termination Crimp


Operating Voltage Varies by application
Current Rating Varies by application
Number of Signal Contacts (Min/Max) 4 MAX
Gauge Wire Size 20 AWG -28 AWG M17/176-00002 or RG-174, 179, 316 (depends on configuration)


Sealing --
Operation Temperature -65°C to +175°C