PHD Panel Mount Fiber Optic

Cannon's PHD Panel Mount is a high density rectangular interconnect solution that incorporates a low profile design with a discrete keyed contact system for repeatable low loss optical performance. It is a highly engineered three piece connector with multiple features including bulkhead feedthru design in standard 8, 16, 18 and 32 channel configurations; PHD Optical Contact System (Tuned size 22 Termini); all metallic bodies for radiated emission suppression; internal metallic web for EMI suppression and terminus stability; integrated metallic shutter system for reduced eye hazard; all metallic backshell; and removable alignment insert assembly mountable in either plug or receptacle.


  • Three Piece Connector features Bulkhead Feed thru Design in standard 8, 16, 18 and 32 Channel Configurations.
  • PHD Optical Contact System (Tuned size 22 Termini)
  • All Metallic Bodies for Radiated Emission Suppression
  • Internal Metallic Web for EMI Suppression and Terminus Stability

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Product Specification


Sealing Environmental
Operation Temperature -65°C to +200°C


Shell Aluminum Alloy
Shell Plating O.D Cadmium, electroless nickel
Insulator Aluminum
Contact Optical Size 16


Shape Rectangular
Shell Style Panel to Panel
Durability 500 Mating Cycles
Power & Signal In Same Layout No
Contact Style / Termination Optical


Operating Voltage Optical
Current Rating Optical
Number of Signal Contacts (Min/Max) 8 to 32 Channels
Gauge Wire Size Buffered Simplex and Muti-Channel