Circular Connector Products

ITT Cannon is world leader in the design and manufacture of highly engineered circular connector solutions. From high power circular connectors to miniaturized circular connectors we have a solution whatever the application.

Circular Audio Connectors

Circular Audio Connectors

Cannon pioneered audio connectors nearly a century ago and today our broad range of advanced audio connectors are extensively used in OEM applications.
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Circular Filter Connectors

Circular Filter Connectors

Our lightweight connector filter technology offers significant shielding from shock, vibration and noise interference, even in the harshest environments.
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Circular High Power Products

Circular High Power Connectors

Innovative design and engineering enable our high power circular interconnect solutions to deliver exceptional performance, reliability and connectivity when it matters most.
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Circular Metal Products

Circular Metal Connectors

From Aluminum and Zinc Alloy, to Silver, Gold, Copper and Composites, we offer a wide range of metal shell, insulator, plating and contact options across our circular connector product lines.
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Circular Miniaturized Connectors

Circular Miniaturized Connectors

Our highly engineered miniature circular connectors offer reliability, integrity and performance in the most challenging environments--at a fraction of the size and weight of standard interconnect solutions.
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Circular Plastic Connector Products

Circular Plastic Connectors

Our broad range of highly engineered circular plastic connectors are robust, lightweight and optimized for today's critical transport and industrial applications.
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