Miniaturized Circular

Smaller, lighter, fast interconnects
providing power, data and signal. 


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HDx Series - High Density, Small Form Factor

ITT Cannon’s HDxTM Series offers a reliable, small-form-factor (SFF) solution in a lightweight, compact design. With breakaway or screw...


MKJ Warrior Series

Part of the MKJ family of miniature circular connectors, ITT Cannon’s MKJ Warrior Series offers a reliable interconnect solution that...



Cannon's APM Connector is a rugged, circular, small diameter, 4-way thermoplastic snap-in solution ideal for transport applicaions such...


Black Zinc Nickel Plating

Innovative Black Zinc Nickel Finish is a RoHS-compliant, cost-effective and sustainable plating alternative to Cadmium. It provides long...


KPSE / M26482 Series I / VG95328

Cannon's KPSE miniature circular connectors are designed to German VG and US MIL-DTL-26482 specification (formerly MIL-C-26482) with a...


KPT /MIL-DTL-26482 Series I

Cannon's KPT miniature circular connector series is designed per MIL-DTL-26482 standards. It has a positive three-point bayonet coupling,...



The KPTC series is a miniature circular quick disconnect bayonet connector housing crimp termination contacts.  It is environmentaly...


MIK Micro Circular

Our MIK Microminiature Circular Connector is designed to accommodate up to 55 contacts on .050 (1.27) centers (equivalent to 420 contacts...


MIKM Micro Circular

Cannon's MIKM Microminiature Circular Connector is designed with a steel shell and receptacle for improved ruggedness and RFI resistance....


MIKQ Push/Pull Micro Circular

Cannon's MIKQ Push/Pull Microminiature Circular Connector features a quick disconnect metal shell and receptacle version that can be...


Mini-XL Audio Connector

ITT XLB male and female PCB flange mount receptacles are plasticLow cost alternative to our metal XLM-CPB Connectors


MKJ Clip Lock Miniature Circular Connector

Today’s commercial aerospace manufacturers & defense contractors are increasingly challenged to meet the ongoing demand for lighter...


MKJ0 UN Thread Coupling

Part of our innovative family of MKJ Miniature Circular Connectors, the MKJ0 UN Thread is a lightweight, high density solution that...


MKJ1 Double Start Coupling

Cannon’s MKJ1 Double Start offers threaded coupling features and high density size 23 machined crimp and PCB contacts. MKJ1 also comes in...


MKJ3 Bayonet Coupling

At half the size and weight of traditional military standard connectors, MKJ3 Bayonet features threaded coupling with high density size...