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    SMA plugs are enviromentally sealed; Intermateable with all SMA connectors; Up to 18 GHz;  threaded coupling method;  SMB connectors have a snap on coupling, operate up to 4 GHz;  SMC connectors have a threaded coupling, operate up to 10 GHz.


    Up to 4 GHz;  threaded coupling and snap on couplings available; Operating frequencies up to 10 GHz;  small in size when compared to subminiature RF interconnects+D120

    Universal Contacts PCB Contact System

    Universal Contacts - A single piece of stamped and formed copper alloy;  3000 mating cycles;  2A max continuous;  free heights ranging from 1.3mm to 4.6mm;  pre-load forces;  low contact resistance;  solderwell feature preventi...