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    CFast Card

    Meets all the CFAST Industrial Standards for Type 1 ans Type 2 packages. Flexibility in connector of-set and cover set design. Stainless Steel metal covers with insert molded frames. Optional Mylar insulation. Patented Ultrasonic weld technology.

    CompactFlash Card

    Small, light weight, robust, the CompactFlash card is available in both Type 1 and Type 2 pacakages  Connectors available with multiple offsets;  Meets all CFA Standards. C - Flash packaging for the CompactFlash removable storage units and mobil...

    STARCARD Snappy

    The STARCARD® Snappy, a frameless stainless steel snap-on PCMCIA card kit that allows a multitude of design options from a standard platform. Frameless cover setsAvailable in type 1 and type 2 packagesMultiple offset optionsCustomized extensionsMeets i...

    STARCARD Ultra PCMCIA Flash Memory

    Meets PCMCIA Industry Standards for Type 1 ans Type 2 packages;  Flexibility in connector oof-set and cover set design;  Stainless Steel metal covers with insert molded frames;  Optional Mylar insulation;  Pateented Ultrasonic weld techn...