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    ARC 38999-Style with ARINC 801-Compatible Inserts

    ITT Cannon’s ARINC 801-Compatible Fiber Optic Series is an end-to-end solution featuring Connectors, Termini and Cable Harnesses that enable the transmission of high speed data, video and signal transmission in harsh environments, where performance, i...

    Connector Saver for Tight Tolerance 38999 Series III Fiber Optic Connectors - SVR 38999

    Extend the service life of connectors, contacts and cable harnesses that are subject to extreme use and repetitive mating and de-mating by installing an ITT Cannon Tight Tolerance SVR 38999 Series III Fiber Optic Connector Saver between the Unit Under Test ...

    FOHC Fiber Optic

    ITT fiber optic contacts are a standard in the industry. We offer the most complete line of fiber optic contacts, engineered to fit today’s MIL-Spec circular, rack and panel, edgecard/LRM, and D Subminiature connectors.  

    FOMC Fiber Optic

    Hermaphroditic design means plugs will mate with an identical plug as well as receptacles. The removable insert assures correcting mating and alignment. In the Cannon FOMC, ruggedness is combined with good optical performance, rapid coupling and attractive ...

    NGCON Fiber Optic

    Fiber optic cable assemblies qualified to Navy requirements for shipboard and Airborne applications.

    PHD 38999-Style Fiber Optic Connector

    Designed to be comparable with MIL-DTL-38999 envelope dimensions including standard polarization, backshell threads and panel cut-out / mounting holes. Key features include Cannon's PHD Optical Contact System; all metallic 38999-compatible outside dimen...

    PHD Panel Mount Fiber Optic

    Cannon's PHD Panel Mount is a high density rectangular interconnect solution that incorporates a low profile design with a discrete keyed contact system for repeatable low loss optical performance. It is a highly engineered three piece connector with mu...

    PHD SuperLC Fiber Optic

    Cannon's PHD SuperLC Fiber Optic is a harsh environment, small form-factor connector system. It provides a higher thermal environment and superior mechanical environment stability/durability than a standard LC connector, while maintaining the same ...

    Veam CIR Fiber Optic

    Veam's CIR Fiber Optic connectors deliver single and dal mode fiber optic capability and meet VG95234 / MIL-DTL-5015 specification. They meet UL94 VO fire and smoke standards and are available with a wide variety of environmental plating options.