Rack and Panel Series

Designed for exceptional performance in harsh environments.

Designed for exceptional performance in harsh environments, ITT Cannon’s Rack & Panel interconnect solutions are manufactured to the highest quality and reliability standards for the aerospace & defense industry. We are recognized as an industry leader in rectangular Rack & Panel interconnect solutions, offering an unparalleled range of off-the-shelf and custom products to align with customer needs.

Our portfolio stretches from the globally recognized DPK and BKA solutions to the recently introduced BKA ARINC 600 Rack & Panel with ARINC 801 ASR, an integral part of our end-to-end ARINC 801 Fiber Optic Series for commercial and military aviation.

Application / Market:

Defense, Aerospace

  • Highly engineered blind-mate connectors
  • Low insertion force contacts
  • Up to 800 contacts
  • Environmental and non- environmental versions


Series Products

DPA Rack & Panel

DPA connectors are rugged, blind mate, miniature rack/panel connectors that utilize maximum insert space in a single gang shell...

DPXNE-NA MIL-C-81659 Rack & Panel

DPXNA (non-environmental, Type IV) and DPXNE (environmental, Types II and III) rack and panel connectors are designed to meet or exceed...

DPX ARINC 404 Rack & Panel

The DPX connector comes in single, two, three and four gang versions and can accommodate up to 424 contacts. The DPX*MA connector...

DPK 83733-Style Rack & Panel

DPK series are high performance environment-resistant, rectangular connectors engineered to be comparable with MIL-C-83733 (USAF).They...


DPGM, DPJM, and DPJMB connectors are designed for applications where space and weight are prime considerations.Their rectangular shape...

BKA C/D/E/F/X ARINC 600 Rack & Panel

Cannon's BKA ARINC 600 Rack & Panel Interconnect Solutions represent the standard for new Avionics  systems developed to support the...

RPR EN4165-Style Connector with PCB Contacts

Cannon's RPR modular rectangular solution is comprised of shells, plates, inserts and a proprietary latching mechanism that are...

SGA Single Gang ARINC 600 Rack & Panel

Cannon SGA Connectors are single gang interconnects that utilize the ARINC 600 signal cavity inserts and contacts, including Cannon Multi...

TDPX Filtered ARINC 404 Rack & Panel

Filtered Rack and Panel connectors for noise filtering, EMI, and EMP applications.

ARINC 600 Rack & Panel Filter Connector TBKAD

Today’s commercial aerospace avionics manufacturers are placing more and more emphasis on the need to protect critical electronic systems...



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Commercial Aviation Applications

Commercial Aviation Applications