SGA Single Gang ARINC 600 Rack & Panel

Cannon SGA Connectors are single gang interconnects that utilize the ARINC 600 signal cavity inserts and contacts, including Cannon Multi-Signal Quadrax Contact Systems, Co-Ax, Twinax, Triax and Fiber Optics. These space-saving interconnect solutions are ideally suited for environments where there are space constraints in which a standard ARINC 600 connector cannot be used. Our SGA Connector accommodates up to 150 contacts with a smaller shell than the size 2 ARINC 600 and offers more contacts than the single gang DPX.


  • Designed for Blind Mate Applications
  • Single Gang Version of the ARINC 600
  • Uses Standard ARINC 600 Contacts & Inserts
  • Front Release/Front Removable or Rear Release/Rear Removable Contacts
  • Standard Contact Tooling (Cannon BKA, DPX and SGA use the Same Tooling)

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BKA ARINC 600 Rack & Panel Sell Sheet


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Product Specification


Sealing Not Available
Operation Temperature -65°C to +125°C


Shape Rectangular
Shell Style Receptacle, Float Mount Receptacle, Hard Mount Plug, Float Mount Plug, Hard Mount
Durability 500 Mating Cycles
Power & Signal In Same Layout Yes
Contact Style / Termination Crimp, machined, Printed Circuit Solder, RF (Co-Ax, Twinax, Triax and Quadrax), Fiber Optic


Shell Aluminum Alloy
Shell Plating Clear chromate over Cadmium
Insulator Thermoset, Copper Alloy retaining clips
Contact MIL-C-39029
Contact Plating Gold


Operating Voltage 0V - 300V
Current Rating 2A - 46A
Number of Signal Contacts (Min/Max) 0-150
Gauge Wire Size 6 to 26