SJS Series - Super Jacketing System

Harsh Environment Jacketing System for Cabling, Over Molding, Wire & Conduit Systems
The ITT Cannon Super Jacketing System (SJS Series) offering a flexible Silicon-based jacket material and over-molding compound with high UV protection, wide temperature range and flame resistance for any harsh environment. The SJS Series, a flexible silicon-based material, can be applied as an over-molding protection on a point-to-point cable, or to a complex wire harness with several branches, protecting your critical data, power and signal cable and wiring system.


  • Reduces EWIS failures by protecting cable and wiring systems from possible physical damage or wear from long-service life cycles
  • Silicon-based material - over molded, blown on or extruded over the wire, conduit or cable system
  • Temperature Rating: -65°C to +200°C (with excursions to +260°C)
  • Fluid, heat, abrasion and fire resistant
  • UV sunlight and chemical resistant
  • Highly flexibility

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SJS Series - Super Jacketing System

Product Specification