TMDM Filtered Micro-D


Our TMDM Filterted Microminiature Connectors feature transverse monolith filters for noise reduction and EMI, RFI and EMP shielding. They are ideally suited for commerical aerospace, military avionics and military equipment applications. The TMDM is designed with Cannon's own Twist Pin Contact System and is environmentally sealed. The TMDM receptacle accommodates from 8 to 37 sizes, 24 AWG socket contacts on 1,27 (.050) centers and mates with standard MDM Microminiature Connector plugs. 

Our facility is not currently certified by the DLA and this product is not covered by the QPL/QML.


  • Rugged aluminum one piece shell
  • Silicone interfacial environmental seal
  • Glass filled diallyl phthalate insulator
  • A variety of filter types for each pin.050" center to center contact spacing
  • Pi and C filter construction
  • Very small high density packaging
  • Range of capacitance: 250, 500, 1,000 & 2,000 picofarads
  • 9-37 positions
  • Insertion loss rated up to 1 GH

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Product Specification


Sealing Environmental
Operation Temperature -65°C to +125°C


Operating Voltage 200 VAC
Dielectric with Standing Voltage 300 VAC
Number of Signal Contacts (MIN/MAX) 9 to 100
Gauge Wire Size 12 to 30 AWG


Shell Aluminum Alloy
Shell Plating O.D Cadmium, electroless nickel
Insulator Thermoplastic
Contact Size 23
Contact Plating Gold, Precious metal


Industry # C-83513-Style
Shape D Shape
Shell Style Plug and Receptacle
Durability 250 Mating Cycles
Power & Signal In Same Layout Yes
Contact Style / Termination Crimp, PCB, Solder Pot, Wired leads