Veam Series

Fully Proven, incredibly durable, ultra reliable

In an increasingly global economy, getting from Point A to Point B on time and on budget is more important than ever. For more than 60 years, Veam connectors have protected the world's products and people in transit so they can get to where they're going. From the fully proven VBN and FRCIR series to the innovative next generation MOVE-MOD, Veam connectors deliver an ultra-harsh environment solution for the most critical applications.

In addition to globally deployed off-the-shelf connectors, the Veam engineering team has the capability and experience to create custom interconnect solutions to meet our customers' most challenging requirements.  

  • Off-the-shelf and fully customized options
  • Developed for the stringent needs of the global rail and defense industry
  • Over 60 years of interconnect expertise
  • Wide variety of solutions from full plastic to metal circular
  • Globally deplotyed and proven

Series Products


The MOVE-MOD™ series provides the ultimate in modularity and flexibility by utilizing a range of snap in modules that enables a variety...

Veam CIR Fiber Optic

Veam's CIR Fiber Optic connectors deliver single and dal mode fiber optic capability and meet VG95234 / MIL-DTL-5015 specification. They...


Veam's FRMGCIR is a ruggedized VG95234 / MIL-DTL-5015 power and signal connector offering between 1 and 159 pins, IP67 sealing and 2000...

Veam VBN

The VBN connector series is based on MIL-DTL-5015G and VG95234 specification. They are interchangeable with all corresponding CIR/VG...


Cost effective highly engineered industrial circular connectors ideal for exterior exposure and transportation applications. This broad...

Veam CIR M12

Bayonet coupling circular connectors for harsh environment Ethernet communication applications. This high-speed connector solution is a...

Veam DSR

Veam DSR is a double ratchet aluminium connector with a shell based on Mil-C-38999 and insert on Mil-C-5015. It delivers exceptional...

Veam FRCIR290

Veam's FRCIR 290 is a ruggedized VG95234 / MIL-DTL-5015 power and signal connector offering between 3 and 101 pins, IP67 sealing and 2000...

Veam HTB

The HTB Series of high temperature circular connectors have been developed to meet the  European Rail Agency (ERA) specific requirements ...

Veam Jumper Cables & Junction Boxes

ITT Veam and Cannon offer value added junction box and jumper cable solutions for the global rail industry. Our application expertize...

Veam Power Plate

ITT Veam’s Power Plate solution is multi-pole power interconnection system, which connects the railcar to the bogie. This customizable...

Veam VA900

Veam VA900 is a VG95234 bayonet connector with IP67 sealing and qualification to the EN 45545-2 and NF F 16-101/102 rail fire and smoke...

Veam VIP

The Veam VIP range of circular connectors meets the exacting requirements of the railway industry. This solution allows for easy assembly...


Rectangular plastic sealed connectors from 3 to 12 contacts for railway, off-road and industrial applications. Fully EN 50124-1 compliant.

Veam VPT

VPT Connectors are ruggedized circular bayonet connectors for harsh environment applications such as vehicle engines. Available in 10...

Veam VSC

VEAM VSC is a threaded coupling multi-pin cylindrical connector for lighting applications. VEAM is well known for the quality and...



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Rail Applications

Rail Applications